Sunday, July 6, 2008

SBC Speeding Over the Cliff

There are a few schools/churches that come to mind when one thinks of extreme legalism. Bob Jones University in SC is one. First Baptist in Hammond, IN. And then there is Tennessee Temple University.

Now Johnny Hunt, the newly elected president of the SBC, is trying to make TN Temple University an SBC school & bring Fundamentalist church Highland Park Baptist along with it.

Legalism watch out. The SBC is no longer just flirting. We've now openly proposed.

Here's the Ethics Daily article.

Thanks to Stephen Fox for the lead at .


foxofbama said...

My fundamentalist friend in Alabanma John Killian had an interesting exchange with Baps Today editor Johnny Pierce not long ago on Tn Temple; before this latest initiative between Vines and Hunt.
In the meantime there is an interesting link in the Obama and Dobson threads at and look for the one about The Great White Whale there as well.
Frank Graham opened up an interesting line of discussion with Obama when they met recently.
This election should not turn on Tn Temple and Woodstock, Ga; nor should it turn on Franklin's questions to Obama else we are no further than late late May 1970 and the four pages in the chapter Purity in Nixonland.
Do go by a Barnes and Noble as soon as you can and read that, and asap, Doctorow's Great White Whale.
How one makes progress in Georgia this fall with all that information; I just don't know.

foxofbama said...

Not hard to google up Pierce blog from August of 2007

Here is a link:

And Killian is mentioned in this story I think you have already linked.
You can click on Killian's blog in that story: