Tuesday, July 8, 2008

English-Only Graduations? And Mandated Prayers, too?

Two cousins, both American born to Vietnamese patents, have set off a legal firestorm down in Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana.

The co-valedictorians both addressed the audience in English, both both also used the Vietnamese language as well. One speech had only 1 sentence in Vietnamese while the other speech was at length.

And that has upset some folks.

Board member Rickie Pitre says: "I don’t like them addressing in a foreign language," Pitre said. "They should be in English."

Houma Courier
has an article. And here is the Biloxi Sun Herald.

So, obviously, the ACLU has given warning to the BOE since there is no law that requires English to be spoken by anyone. Oh yeah, the BOE wants to mandate a prayer, something that is clearly unconstitutional.

Looks like another legal action.

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