Friday, July 25, 2008

Going on Holiday

That's right: holiday. Or, as we say in the US, vacation. I just like saying holiday as it sounds so much more invigorating & European.

Mrs. TBAR & I are headed to Vancouver, Canada. Never been to Canada before. I have had many a Canada Dry ginger ales, but never visited. Been looking forward to this week since I was 10 years old & happened upon a magazine with an article about the place.

I announced to all my friends in elementary school that I was going to British Columbia one day. They had never even heard of it, much less able to point it out on a map. Such a sad state of education we've always had in the US.

In high school, I even talked about this trip. So to that certain young lady who tore my heart out & stomped all over it --- well, I'd better not say anything.

But I'm all over that now ...

So Mrs. TBAR & I are going to be leaving in about 2 hours for the airport. My oldest is home from college & has already agreed to clean out the garage, mow the yard, prune the shrubbery, wash all the bed linens & even take care of the cats while we're gone. Just hope the house is still standing when we get back ...

We're off to go North of the border.

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