Tuesday, July 8, 2008

McDonald's on Don Wildmon's Hit List

The American Family Association & it's leader, Don Wildmon, has decided that McDonald's is an evil, sinful, & dangerous organization to our Christian Faith. So what shall we do? Boycott McDonald's.

The Mississippi group has launched BoycottMcDonalds.Com and is calling on supporters to steer clear of the golden arches. AFA is unhappy because McDonald's gave money to the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and supported Gay Pride events in California.

Great. Now I have a spiritual reason to not get the Combo #1 with a side salad & a Diet Coke --- no ice. Have to be healthy & say "Amen" at the same time.

Don Wildmon & the AFA are a good indicator of what we shouldn't do, instead of what we should do. In the case of AFA, past performance is an indicator of future results. That means complete embarrassment is just around the corner.

The church should be about making disciples. Let's concern ourselves with Grace instead of embarrassing ourselves with things that look like we're either homophobes or bigots.

Here is the article from Baptist Press.

And let's not forget the AFA Press Release --- if you can stomach it.

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Cookster said...

In an internet sea of misguided blogger regurgitation of the same tired, narrow minded rubbish spewed forth by the AFA, this post is beacon of light to guide us on the path to sensibility.

Well done.

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