Sunday, April 5, 2015

About RFRA

So Matthew throws this party. A big party. Lots of people with sordid pasts and even more scary presents were there. Matthew was not the best guy to bring home to Mom anyway, being the lowest of lows 'cause of his work with the Romans in the Extortion Called Taxation racket. Bet a lot of Drama Queens were there, too. But that carpenter from Nazareth fellow - who had begun an itinerant preaching tour recently - also attended. Mark (on his 2nd page of the story) briefly mentions that the Self-Righteous Pharisees questioned how that Jesus guy could violate his religious teachings by going to that party. Didn't that new comer to the Faith know that going to that party was like he was condoning their actions?

That carpenter pulled a quick wit out of word-toolbox to hammer home the point to the Pharisees: "I don't deal with the people that think they are religious, but the people that are capable of hearing what I have to say."

I bet that Jesus fellow brought a cake and flowers to celebrate, don'cha think?