Sunday, July 20, 2008

Godslinger Going After School Prayer

According to the Denver Post, a group has begun a petition asking voters to decide if students should be allowed 5 minutes each day for prayer, meditation, or silent reflection.

Here's a quote from the article:

Bishop Kevin Foreman and his 2-year-old Final Harvest Christian Center received state approval Wednesday for a petition asking voters whether Colorado statutes should be changed to provide students five minutes for private meditation at the beginning of each school day.
During the five minutes, the petition states, the students could invoke private or group prayer or have personal meditation or reflection time.
"We answer to a higher power, and all things are possible," Dawson said of the tight schedule.

So, the quote shows it is certainly an attempt to have the state set aside a prayer time each day for the students.

My question is: Why? Why take another 5 minutes out of instruction time? It will mean that the school day must be extended by 5 minutes.

Also, can't --- no, shouldn't--- the kids pray on their own time? Why make a spectacle of it? Didn't Jesus say go into the closet to pray & =not= do it publicly for show?

Students are already allowed to pray silently all day long, or organize prayer meetings before or after school. So why does the Bishop feel the state should force kids who don't want to pray into a 5 minute session while other kids do?

This is about control. It is not enough that the Bishop wants his congregants to pray before school each day, but now he wants everyone's kid to do the same. The Bishop is not concerned that other kids & parents may pray at home before school. No sirrreeee. The good Bishop wants =all= kids to pray that specific 5 minutes before school.

Another Godslinger forcing his religious views on others. When my kids pray is none of the state's business. How long my kids pray is none of the state's business. Even =if= my kids pray is none of the state's business. The state should accommodate prayer, but never facilitate.

The good Bishop should direct his congregants in spiritual matters & stay out of the conscience of others.

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