Thursday, November 10, 2011

Judge Amanda Williams is Having a Bad Day

Finally. It is finally her day to have to answer for her actions. I'm betting she is not going to like it when all the rocks are pulled up for everyone to see the Gestapo tactics she has used to run roughshod over Glynn and Camden Counties for a long, long time. (See my prior blog post and the comments. I should also say that I received several emails from people recalling similar stories to what Ira Glass had reported in his This American Life spot.)

Here is the link to the AP story.

Whether it goes to a full hearing or not, I don't know. She may settle. I'm hoping she doesn't settle because the people whom she has terrified for two decades deserve to have it all laid bare; they deserve some vindication with her public embarrassment.

Judge Amanda Williams could also face criminal charges if it is found she did indeed make false statements concerning the investigation (link to The Republic).

If you want to read the actual charges against her, check out this link.

Lady Justice can be really nasty when she is pushed over the line. Judge Williams has been pushing a long time and Lady Justice is finally pushing back.