Saturday, January 2, 2010

Putting Christ Back in Christmas

This is the last post on Xmas but I just found this & didn't want to forget this one.

This is from Russell King & he has an outstanding diary entry at Steet Prophets entitled "It's time to put Christ back into Christmas."

*When we insist that others join in our customs, use the words we like to use and participate in our celebration, we are violating the life and lessons of Jesus and ripping Christ from the heart of Christmas. When we force non-Christians to utter the name of Christ when they do not believe in Him, we are making mockery of the Christ in Christmas. When we take offense when others celebrate the season in ways that are meaningful to them, and are different from our ways -- especially when we pretend that respecting others' celebrations constitutes a "war on Christmas" -- we are ignoring the spirit of Christ. When we insist that our government join in our religious celebration, we are acting exactly like those who opposed Christ. When we insist that the tax dollars of non-Christians be used to celebrate our Christian holiday, we are ignoring Christ's teaching (Matthew 22:21) and tearing Him out of Christmas. When we put more emphasis on the word "Christ" than on the message of Christ, we are making a mockery of Christmas and the one whose birth we celebrate (we don't do salvation by syllables). When we make a fuss over "Xmas," we show that we don't know much about our own religion's history: In Greek, the letter Χ (chi), is the first letter of Christ, and it, or the similar Roman letter X, has been used as an abbreviation for Christ since the mid-16th century. Xmas has been used for Christmas, by Christians, for centuries.

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Meet Barbara Forrest

In November 2007, I was attending the Americans United for Separation of Church & State annual meeting & had the unexpected privilege of being seated next to Barbara Forrest. It was pure happenstance that we both came in to the restaurant at the same time. I had such a delightful conversation with her & she made a lasting impression on me, that when I came across this article detailing her accomplishments, I just had to note it in my blog.

Thankfully there are still people who have the strong convictions to stand up to the Religious Extremists, be they Taliban or Tali-Xian.

Our nation works best when gov't gives no faith a Most Favored Status. It is a First Freedom, set out in the first sentence of the First Amendment. It is the culmination of
2000 years of theological growth & political understanding.

It is foundational to who Baptists are --- in fact, it is foundation to every Xian denomination today. The only people that seem to have a problem with the Separation of Church & State are the ones who want their version of faith to have official gov't favor, something that X explicitly condemned when he said to render to Caesar the things that belong to him & to God the things that belong to God.

Then there is that wee-little problem with the Golden Rule.

Nonetheless, Dr. Forrest is a delightful lady, good company for breakfast & an asset to the cause of liberty. Here's to her continued success & well being in 2010: may she continue the cause of Religious Liberty on behalf of us all.

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