Sunday, August 10, 2008

Univ of CA May Refuse Some Christian School Courses

A district court in CA has agreed with the University of CA that some courses taught in Christian schools may not be recognized as valid. The court also agreed that the University was not discriminating against students coming from Christian schools since the University was not acting with particular animosity, & the University had a rational basis for not accepting the coursework.

Specifically, the court ruled that literature, history, government and world religions courses offered by Calvary Chapel Christian School & one Biology course offered by another school, did not have to be accepted as legitimate high school coursework. This would, obviously, be precedence to examine the quality of similar courses at similar schools.

The attorney for the Christian schools, Robert Tyler, reportedly said in an interview with The Californian: We're worried in the long term, Christian education is going to be continually watered down in order to satisfy the UC school system.

Well, duh, Mr. Tyler! Just because it has the label "Christian" on it doesn't mean it should be given a pass when it comes to quality. Faith & facts are two different things. All people of faith are allowed their own view of "why" things are as they are, but no one is allowed to produce their own set of facts to qualify their position.

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Georgia Mountain Man said...

Yes. Some of the courses taught in these schools are definitely taught with a slant. I doubt that a biology course, for instance, taught, especially from a fundamentalist viewpoint, would prepare a student for a college course.