Sunday, August 10, 2008

Little Girl with a God-Sized Idea

The title is not original with me but I'm gonna use it anyway. I'm just so impressed with what happened at West Ridge Church in Dallas, GA, that I just had to share it.

West Ridge is a church not afraid to take chances & not afraid to dream big. I like it there. The people & staff are, in an overused by very true word,

So when a 9 year old girl named Waverly Gilcrease came up with the idea to make sure every needy kid had a book bag, guess who took the reigns & made sure it happened? 30 volunteers. Several hundred families from three different counties. And 917 book bags.

What an incredible ministry.

God works in the smallest of packages too.

Brian Bloye is the pastor & here is his blog. Great guy. Love him. He is for real. And in a world that seems to almost beg for authenticity, we need more guys like Brian. And we really need more churches like West Ridge.

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