Friday, August 22, 2008

Couple of Goofies

The more I know about people, the more I'm convinced people do goofy things & are often incapable of knowing to do any different. But if you really wanna see something messed up, just let gov't get involved.

Here are two examples I saw today:

Example #1 --- The Wheel is Spinning but the Hamster is Dead

Woman age 35, is married to a guy, age 25. They have an apartment.

By some really weird twist of reality, the woman's 21 year old boyfriend also lives in the =same= apartment.

Wife & hubby are in the bedroom --- you know.

Boyfriend is in living room. Evidently the jealousy center of his brain flipped on & he decides to go into the bedroom to beat the Hades out of husband.

Husband & boyfriend get into a fight. One smashes the other in the face with a vase & the other decides a knife is needed.

Police arrived just in time to keep the bloodshed at a minimum, but both did require hospital treatment & a trip to the jail house.

The reporter contacted the woman & she says neither of the suitors now live at the apartment & she is not all that concerned about any of it.

AJC article.

Example #2 --- The Button Works, but the Doorbell Ain't Ringing

A 12 year old girl in MO has been suspended for having pink hair. Is pink hair enough of a distraction that she should be suspended?

She was told. She did it anyway.

It is the policy she is challenging.

What if MLK or Ghandi had just went along with the status quo because "that's just the way it is."

Not being flippant.

If it is a distraction, I agree. 2 foot hair spikes would be a distraction. Pink har? Not so much.

Sometimes things have to be challenged because they are wrong & won't get changed unless they are challenged.

I think the clothes the kids wear are more of a distraction than hair color. Check that: I'd say it is the
lack of clothes that are more of a distraction. Uniforms would make sense.

Remember the movie Footloose? No dancing. That's the rule.

News article.

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