Friday, August 29, 2008

Girl Kicker Kicked Off Football Team

High school freshman. Was public middle school kicker last year. Moved to new home. Private Christian school but no athletic program. So she joins a private football league for private schools & home schoolers.

Kid works out with the team. Everyone is happy.

Except the league's executive director.

There are no league rules that bars girls from the participating, but this "director" has decided there won't be a girl on any football team.

Mom wanted her in a Christian school, but I guess the league's director has a version of the Bible that says something like:
Verily, verily, I say unto you, thou shalt not play both male & female on the football field. Thou shalt not even have females on the sidelines in thy manly sport but thou shalt only allow the females to be thy cheerleaders. It is an abomination to thy sensibilities to have thy daughters playing the sport of football.
--- II Opinions 4:7-8

Give me a break.

AJC article.


Georgia Mountain Man said...

I saw this article. What a crock! Looks like the public schools can be proud. They have one-upped the private schools. My son is the product of public schools, is a good kid and a senior at GA Tech with a 4.0 average.

Hall Monitor said...

This story made! Check it out for all the crazy headlines from our schools.