Saturday, August 16, 2008

Packing Heat in the Pew?

In the 2008 GA General Assembly the er, uh, leaders under the Gold Dome decided that people who have a concealed weapons permit should be able to carry their guns to previously forbidden areas, like restaurants, public & state parks, & while on public transportation.

Then I see yesterday where a school district in TX wants its teachers armed while in the classroom.

While I am reeling in
disbelief, what do I see on my RSS feed from the Atlanta Journal? Now the GA General Assembly has decided that people should be allowed to carry guns into churches. That's right. The place where emotions run the highest, GA lawmakers want guns.

Ever been to a business meeting? Ever witnessed how emotional & contentious people can get when discussing such weighty matters as
the budget, personnel, the color of the carpet, or the office hours the pastor should set? And we want to allow armed people in the church building?

So, for Tim Bearden (R-Villa Rica, GA), the King Goof Ball of Guns-A-Blazin', I have a message: just stop it. Will you be there to tell the family of the accidental shooting on the bus that your idea is gonna save lives? And when the bullets start flying in the restaurant, will you be there to tell the bullets to only hit the bad guys?

I swear: the wheel is spinning but the hamster is dead.

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