Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Testing the Big Bang or Bust

Here is an interesting article that says the European Organisation for Nuclear Research has begun the process of actually testing the Big Bang Theory, the physical process that began the Universe 15 billion years ago. The tests will be conducted underground just as the preliminary tests have been done.

The article says:

The final tests involved pumping a single bunch of energy particles from the project's accelerator into the 27-km (17-mile) beam pipe of the
collider and steering them counter- clockwise around it for about 3 kms (2 miles). ... The LHC team now plans to send a full particle beam all the way around the collider pipe in one direction on September 10 as a prelude to sending beams in both directions and smashing them together later in the year.

Without understanding a single word of any of it, I do take it to mean that it is something highly technical & it is a good thing to be done under ground. That much I can figure out. It's big & potentially very bad.

Then the article says this:

The elusive particle, which has been dubbed the "Higgs boson" after Scottish physicist Peter Higgs who first postulated nearly 50 years ago that it must exist, is thought to be the mysterious factor that holds matter together. ... Higgs, a 79-year-old Edinburgh University professor who as an atheist angrily rejects the idea of calling the boson the "God particle" -- believes it will show up very quickly once the beams are colliding in the LHC.

Interesting. Surely
Higgs knows that you can't test for God. God is too big to be proven or even disproved by any test or experiment. Faith is not a matter for science any more than science is a faith matter. Science discusses the How. Faith discusses the Who & the Why. Let's leave the two fields in their rightful place.

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