Sunday, May 10, 2009

Randy Forbes Wants to Back Door Quasi-Adoption of Christianity as State Religion

Last year Randy Forbes introduced HR 888. This year he reintroduced it (HR 397). Forbes is David Barton's Congressional minion, & is just flat out lying. Again & again & again, Barton has said these things & every time they are proven to be falsehoods, but he keeps coming back. Barton is an historical revisionist who wants so badly for the US to be established as a Christian Nation.

HR 397. Now there is a resolution that is replete with lies, misrepresentations & twists & turns to rewrite history.

The resolution is designed to get a "Religious History Week" recognized each year. However, the "Whereas" in the bill only supports Christian religion & is even called by Barton the "God Bill." When Forbes appeared on Barton's radio program last year, it was quite obvious the intent is to get the "Christian Nation" rewrite of history into the public school system.

Without going into all the stuff here, suffice it to say that Chris Rodda has outdone herself this time. She has masterfully exposed the Big Time Fibs of David Barton & his "Christian" means of telling the Whoppers to do God's work.

Of course, she exposed HR 397 for what it is: a political ploy to get the Revisionist View of history taught in public schools so that eventually the "True Christian History" can replace the "Godless, Liberal, Commie garbage" being taught now. (Gag.)

When Christians resort to manipulation & lies, it doesn't help our cause.

Here's the article by Chris Rodda. Take the 15 minutes or so & read it.

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Georgia Mountain Man said...

An interesting aside to Ms. Rodda's article. The government often did not support having Christian missionaries among the Indians because they often supported the Indian causes and opposed government mistreatment of the Indians. Good case in point, Samuel Worcester, who was imprisoned by Georgia because of his support of the Cherokees. Andrew Jackson refused to support Chief Justice John Marshall's majority opinion in favor of the Worcester and the Cherokees.

Let's hope that the rest of these extremists lose their seats next time around. It is amazing how such lies get thrown around in the name of Christianity.