Sunday, May 24, 2009

Obama's New "Preventative Detention Proposal"

Facts and myths about Obama's preventive detention proposal - Glenn Greenwald -

Let's be consistent ...

If we didn't like Bush having this sort of power, then we can't give the nod to Obama having that power either. Obama, even if he has the sense to not abuse the system, won't be president forever & we don't know what sort of mad man may usurp that prerogative in the future & use it on political dissenters here at home.

This is why short-term fixes don't work: they create worse problems down the road. Let's do it right, by the book, with the Constitution & treaties in mind, knowing that one day it may come back to bite us.

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Georgia Mountain Man said...

This situation needs to be resolved, not by extending it, but by closing Gitmo and either releasing or putting the prisoners there on trial. If they are too dangerous to release, they must have committed a crime. They should be charged and tried. If they are found guilty, then give them a long, but legitimate sentence. Otherwise, they must be released and we take our chances with them. Indefinite extension is not the answer and the President needs to find a solution.