Sunday, May 24, 2009

Colin Powell to GOP: Listen to moderates, too

Powell to Republicans: Listen to moderates, too AP 05/24/2009

The discussion got heated this weekend as Colin Powell & Tom Ridge exchanged air wave verbal slashes with Dick Cheney & Karl Rove.Powell & Ridge denounced the current GOP standard of going more to the right (as if it can go much further), while Rove & Cheney said those two aren't true Republicans 'cept in name only.

Colin Powell, Secretary of State.Image via Wikipedia

The fact is that the GOP has an image problem: they have painted themselves as the Grumpy Old Religious Right Chrsitian White Men's Party. Dissent is not tolerated & all those who disagree will be branded.

Goldslingers have taken over the GOP.

When God is on your side in both faith & politics, thinking goes out the window.
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Georgia Mountain Man said...

Kudos to Col. Powell. Finally someone with an IQ over 10 has spoken up for the Republican Party. He has the courage to stand up to The Evil One and the Fat Blowhard. In fact he had the courage to do what both of them did not. He served his country in the military with bravery and strong leadership. Let's hope that he prevails.