Tuesday, May 12, 2009

GA's Back Door Attempt at School Vouchers Dies

I'll give credit when credit is due. It is due.

From my email:

A couple of weeks ago, (see 04/24/2009 blog) we told you about HB 100, a bill that passed the Georgia Legislature and was sitting on Governor Perdue's desk. The bill would have expanded the tuition tax credit program, making Georgia's misguided, backdoor voucher program even worse. We asked you to contact Governor Perdue to tell him that you don't support any expansion of this program. And thanks to your efforts, the Governor vetoed the bill.

First, we want to thank you for taking action. Second, we'd like to ask that you take action one more time. Please send Governor Perdue a note to thank him for vetoing this bill
(click here for link to send automated email.)

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Georgia Mountain Man said...

Amazing! I can't believe that Perdue actually did this, especially since he doesn't face re-election...or does he? Maybe he's looking ahead to Congress.