Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Liberty University Democrats Try to Regain Good Graces

Democratic Club Attempting to Regain Status at Liberty University | Politics | Christianity Today

So now the members of the Liberty University Young Democrats are now trying to be recognized by the school as an official student group again. They're drafting a new proposal, i.e., groveling, & will apologize for making statements that some school officials (denied by those officials) said one can't be a Christian & a Democrat at the same time --- never mind that is, in fact, what the school's action certainly implied to begin with.

I have to think that the school will accept the Young Democrats back into the fold. The bad press they got on this really looks like the school censors political speech of one political party, especially since the students seem to accept the school's pro-life & anti-gay rights position. View point discrimination could put them at risk for federal funds like student loans, VA benefits, etc.

And then there is the request by Americans United to the IRS for a review of the school's tax exempt status ... If that gets traction, it's gonna be a barn burner.
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Georgia Mountain Man said...

Go Americans United. It's time some of these political churches had their hands slapped. This little episode reeks of political activism.