Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ruby Thomas

I've not been able to blog for a week due to the general demands of life, a business, a wife & 2 kids' soccer. So, yes, I've been busy.

But I want to tell you about Ruby Thomas.

Ruby is my wife's grandmother & up until a year ago, was a resident of Lafayette, GA, where she lived with her husband, Kenneth. Kenneth passed away last year & Ruby was placed in a nursing home in my hometown so my wife & my mother-in-law could be close to her.

She is a fine, fine lady.

Kenneth & Ruby were very similar in believes & attitudes. Lifelong Baptists but not the typical Baptists: they were rural GA Baptists. It was 1611 King James & women wore skirts or dresses to church. They sang from the red back hymnal & could read those shaped notes. The doors were opened & they were at church --- unless seriously ill. Yes, they were everything I believe paints Baptists in a bad light.

But they were 2 of the nicest, most humble, caring & good-hearted people I've ever met. They rarely said anything that would be considered judgemental, though they would openly tell you about their faith. Neither would harm a fly. Both believed in hard work, honesty, & doing the right thing, even if being honest had a cost to it. The loved. They cried. They planted seeds of caring.

Ruby will be not be in this life much longer. The doctor said it will be any minute now.

I'll miss her. I miss Kenneth. While I didn't agree with them on matters of doctrine, I do believe Heaven will be the better for Kenneth & Ruby being there.


Edited to add: Ruby passed away this morning, 02/29/2008. She leaves behind a daughter, a son, several grandkids & a lot of good memories for the whole family to share. Most of all, she leaves behind an influence that will live on long after her memory has faded from recollection.


Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about this. But she'll no doubt be in a much better place very soon. They both sounded like they lived what they believed. So few now do the same. It's sad to think about the generation that's replacing people like Kenneth and Ruby. My prayers go out to the whole family.


Georgia Mountain Man said...

My prayers are with you and your family. These kinds of folks are passing fast. It's just so wonderful that they were with us so long. They will live on in the life lessons that they taught their family.