Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Community Prude

We've all had to deal with them: those insufferable people in the community who don't attend the church but will be the first one to tell you what the church should be doing & saying; how to preach & act; etc. We even have a lot of members like that too, except they either only show up at business meetings or they are there every time the doors are open --- either way, they chap our butts.

Here is Prime Example of one of those people.

From the TX community of Allen, comes a "shocking" story about a church delving into what some view as a taboo topic: sex. And, yes, some are up in a tizzy over it. Especially the soccer moms of Allen, TX.

Then there is this one particular lady who happens to blog about it.

Here's the particular church ad that has gotten her so riled up.

The church wanted to talk about sex. Straight talk about sex. Even the topic titles are fairly easy to surmise what will be said.

Not so easy for a lady with an axe to grind.

I'll post a brief quote of her original post, but you simply must read her responses to people that posted comments. She is the Church Lady, Cotton Mather & Molly Hatchet all rolled into one, loveable bundle of joy.

This church has put out a large advertisement on the front page which boldly announces something to do with their church and in big bold red letters: MYSEXLIFESTINKS.TV. View it yourself here:

What the heck??!!! Our Allen American newspaper, you know the one, "In the Community. With the Community. For the Community." is now selling out this type of advertising on the front page in big bold red letters for you and your children to see!
. . .
I'm shocked and horrified that the Allen American would stoop so low as to allow this type of ad on the front page for their paper...knowing that so many children look at their paper weekly. I'm furious! And I've sent an e-mail to the powers that be at the Allen American as well as copied the Allen ISD Board and PTA Council president so that they know what their elementary aged children will be seeing this week as they peruse the paper looking for their schools pictures.

So, after sending off my "opinions" to the Allen American, I decided to go check out the web site for the church. Take a look at the next 5 weeks of their church service topics:

1. How to Have Incredible Sex
2. Manage the "Real Friends with Benefits"
3. Dating for Dummies
4. What Happens in Vegas Won't Stay in Vegas
5. Porn Versus Purity

I have a huge problem with a "church" that promotes this type of sermon, service or article. Nothing about any of these sermon topics seems religious. And I'm not one to cast criticism or opinions on another persons religious preferences but I don't consider sex a religion and that seems to be all that they are talking about at this so called church.

I've made my call to the church to let them know how infuriated I am over this advertisement and I invite you to do the same: 214-383-5851.

Also, if you didn't catch it, this church meets at Kerr Elementary school, which personally to me is like a double whammy. A church that talks about nothing but sex for 5 weeks in a row is meeting at an Elementary school in our city. The thought of that makes me nauseous. I'm glad it's not my child's school!!! Do the parents of Kerr children know about this?

Who approves this ridiculousness? Who approved the ad at Allen American? Who approved this church meeting at our schools? What can be done about any of this?

I don't know. But if you live in Allen, you should know about what's going on in your schools and how your city newspaper is helping to promote it. At minimum, just make sure you are getting the paper out of the yard instead of your children so that they don't see this trash being advertised!

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