Sunday, March 9, 2008

Some Days are Better Spent in Front of the TV

And this has been a whole week of 'em.

Really, I'm just tired.

Last weekend we buried my wife's grandmother, one of the sweetest ladies I've ever had the chance to know. Then I got the court summons to testify in a child abuse case (I hope those kids get out of that Hades they've had to put up with.) Left for NY on Wednesday, only to miss my flight due to a full parking lot at the Atlanta airport & a 30 minute security wait.

I should have gotten some things finished while in NY but I just didn't. Sleep was sooo good --- & I normally don't sleep well the first night on the road. This time, I slept like a dead car in the middle of the interstate both nights.

Getting back was a Methodist, though. Flight was delayed 4 times in Newark. If there is such a thing as Purgatory, Newark, NJ, is as close as we'll ever see on this side of eternity. Just yuck.

Finally get back to Atlanta only to find snow flurries & two soccer games canceled (my 10 year old Pele is twice the player of my oldest, who was twice the player I was at that age.) That means no soccer games. It also means I got all kinds of work done around the house & no relaxation.

To top it all off, I lost an hour sleep.

I have to get up & get going in 7 hours. Does this rat race =ever= slow down?

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