Sunday, February 17, 2008

GA's Governor Sonny Perdue Mentioned as McCain VP Candidate

This is all we need. Utmost sarcasm intended.

According to WSB Radio news in Atlanta,  GA's own Sonny Perdue is being touted as a possible VP running mate for the GOP's John McCain.

I don't normally endorse a candidate. I used to until I realized it only confused the pulpit issues even more. So I don't do it. Whom I vote for will be known only to me. But in this case, I think the people of the US need to know for sure who Uncle Sonny really is.

This is the "Praying Governor." During GA's severe drought, Uncle Sonny decided some help from Providence is what we needed. So he scheduled a prayer meeting on the steps of the GA Capitol Building. Of course, he scheduled the meeting after the weather forecast had already declared heavy storms were coming in the night of the Prayer Meeting.

Talk about playing politics.

And let's not forget that he used State employees to set up the stage & chairs, etc., for the event. Even published the Glorious Event on Official GA letterhead.

So much for separation of church & state.

This is the same governor who was asked if the over building in North GA, especially around ATL, had contributed to the water shortage. Remarkably, the guy said an emphatic "no" right there on the TV in front of God & everybody. Any moron can look around ATL & the 'burbs & know that housing has exploded. But not according to Uncle Sonny. All that housing had nothing to do with it.

I've met Uncle Sonny. He is a personable guy. His wife is exceptionally nice. But he is not qualified to be the Vice President of the United States.

Isn't there another politician somewhere else that can be on the GOP losing ticket? It doesn't look good for the GOP. They can even resurrect Reagan & it would be hard for him to win in '08.


Georgia Mountain Man said...
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Georgia Mountain Man said...
Way to go! The only good thing about Sonny being VP is that he isn't smart enough to be another Dick Cheney. By the way, when I spent some time with him, he certainly wasn't personable. He was one arrogant jerk in private, but when he got out of the car, he flipped a switch and became good old Sonny.