Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Big Fib

I'm certain that David Barton believes if he says it long enough that more will believe it. Problem is that now Congressmen are telling the same Big Fib.

Time nor space won't permit me to go into all of it but suffice it to say that Chris Rodda has outdone herself this time. She has masterfully exposed the Big Time Fibs of David Barton & his "Christian" means of telling the Whoppers to Do God's Work.

Of course, she exposed HR 888 for what it is: a political ploy to get the Revisionist View of history taught in public schools so that eventually the "True Christian History" can replace the "Godless, Liberal, Commie Garbage" being taught now.

Where's the gag spoon?

Take the time to read the piece. HR 888 is a dangerous thing because it is replete with fabrications in an attempt to rewrite our history & laws. Telling lies does not make our faith look better, Mr. Barton. It hurts our efforts. And Congressman Forbes, please stop trying to do us favors: you're hurting my discipleship efforts when the college students laugh at the obvious fabrications. Please, just stop it.

Here's the link.

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