Wednesday, February 6, 2008

More GA Legislature Stupidity

The idiots under the Atlanta Gold Dome are considering a new law. And you can tell that these morons we sent to ATL are playing politics with our emotions in an effort to pander for votes. Like that is normal.

This time, they are playing with people's lives.

Under consideration is a law that would allow people to carry concealed weapons into churches, restaurants (with alcohol being served, mind you) & "transportation facilities." As long as they have a concealed weapons permit, guns in the church.  (See news article.)

What idiocy.

All we need is to have people in a religious debate have instant access to weapons. And if you've ever seen a knock-down-drag-out in church, you know that bloodshed is right around the corner. Imagine how the pastor would feel moderating a contentious budget meeting.

Look, churches have some great folks in 'em. They also attract the most mean-spirited, nut jobs I've ever met. And we want them in a room in a religious frenzy, armed like Rambo? I certainly wouldn't feel safe knowing that some religious whack job has a loaded Glock just waiting to expend a few rounds at the heretic sitting near me.


texasinafrica said...

So they'll be more like Texas? 'Cause unless a church posts a large, bilingual sign at the entrance that forbids it, you can carry a concealed weapon into houses of worship here. My favorite game in church in Waco was guessing who was packing heat on any given Sunday.

foxofbama said...


Have given you an invitation, made an appeal to wade into the treacherous waters the Memphis Declaration affords as it engages the promise of the Baptist Covenant.
Just put the blog up.
Click on the link at my blog to and the links embedded there.
Your fellow MemDec signer CB Scott has some interesting deflections and nuances on it all.
Let's weigh in for a couple weeks and see if we can't make a difference.

CB Scott said...

God bless those Georgia boys who protect the rights of gun owners and uphold the Second Amendment insuring the rights of men and women to protect themselves from bandits and barbarians alike.

Long live free Georgians.