Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Flu is not Fun

Really not fun.

Today I am supposed to be in Atlanta at the New Baptist Covenant but that ain't happening. Instead, I am contemplating my existence somewhere between this world & the next, the bedroom & . . . & . . . somewhere else. It looks like another dimension. Not sure what it is. Remember the TV show Quantum Leap? I feel kinda like Sam Beckett after he leaps into a new place. No clue where or how or who. I do know I'm here, I just don't know where the heck "here" is right now.

I know my head is pounding.

Really not fun.

I did manage to call Cedric Harmon from Americans United & tell him that I wasn't going to be there. I think I was supposed to call Stephen Fox, too, but I can't find his number. I had it. I put it somewhere for safe keeping. Now . . . my mind is not working too well. I know I had it somewhere. I was hoping to have a meal with Dr. Prescott from Oklahoma's Mainstream Baptist. And then there was the meeting with a few from Baptist Life that I was looking forward to attending. (Forgive my not putting in the links but frankly I don't give a rip.)

It says here in my calendar I was to see some of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship folks. And I had planned to stop by the American Baptist Convention booth & talk in person with those I've converesed with online. I have a few seminary friends who ended up in the North American Baptist Conference (a good group) & I was so hoping to see them.

My eyes feel like sandpaper is running across 'em.

Really not fun.

I think it's the flu. My wife says it is just a cold. I know better. Its the flu at least. Maybe even the Plague. I haven't felt this poorly since a certain girl tore my heart out & stomped on it about 30 years ago. (But I'm all over that now.)

My throat is killing me.

Really not fun.

So I am missing one of the most historic meetings ever for Baptists. Why? Because one of your kids gave my kid The Bug. And my kid brought it home. Then that bug got in my air at my house & invaded my nostrils & attacked my immune system.

I'm highly ticked off.

Really not fun.

So whomever it was that allowed their kid to go to school & infect my kid so in turn could infect me . . . a pox on you!

I guess that means Baptists will endure without me. Hopefully, none of those folks will hire any Methodists to enforce a contract on my life. Of course, that would end my misery.

Did I mention I feel like crap?


Big Daddy Weave said...

I'm sorry you got sick.

I won't rub it in - but the Celebration was incredible.

Cedric Harmon. I haven't heard that name in a long time. But back when I was a graduating senior at UGA, I applied for an internship with Americans United and interviewed with Mr. Harmon. I think he found my application fascinating because of my senior seminar paper on Baptist hero, Fred Shuttlesworth. I never had the opportunity to intern with AU though because the next day Rep. John Lewis called and offered me a job.

texasinafrica said...

It was amazing. Two words for next time: flu shot. Hope you're feeling better.