Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Republicans Try to Torpedo Hate Crimes Bill with Amendments

Religion Clause: Opponents of Hate Crimes Bill Add Amendments That Make It More Contentious

Yes, it is a parliamentary procedure tactic that is allowed.

Yes, the DEMs have done it too.

Yes, I blasted the DEMs for this as well.

No, it doesn't make it any more ethical.

If Sessions and the rest of the GOP want to keep the Hate Crimes Legislation from being voted on, fine. Debate the issue on its own merits. But don't play this political game & then cry the DEMs aren't playing fair when they do the same thing.

By trying to add the capital punishment onto the bill to divide the DEMs & make the bill so ridiculous, it only shows that politics is more important than substance.

The stench of hypocrisy.

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Georgia Mountain Man said...

I do not see a reason to oppose this bill except for the fact that the GOP is anti-everything that isn't Republican. It does, of course, include Gays and African-Americans, so it would be natural that, since the GOP seems to generally dislike Gays and Blacks, it would oppose the bill.