Thursday, July 16, 2009

MO Schools Make Christianity a Most Favored Faith

AU Commends Appellate Court Decision Against Bible Distribution In Mo. Public School Americans United

You would think that by now everyone should know that America has as one of its First Freedoms the separation of church & state. It is not a difficult concept. The church doesn't run the state & the state doesn't run the church. The gov't may not give any faith a Most Favored Status & must never allow a gov't forum to become a bully pulpit at tax payer expense.

This is even more true for impressionable school children. It is simply not the gov't place to decide what religious instruction should be given to the kids. That is the role of parents & private places of worship. On school grounds, faith is not to be subsidized to a captive audience. It is common sense & common courtesy.

Evidently not true in one MO school district.

When a school system fosters one faith by allowing religious text distribution, it is opening the door that one day a different faith may do the same should it become the majority. It was that very argument that Madison said was just common sense in Remonstrance.

Evidently not true in one MO school district.
When a school system allows one faith to encroach upon children regardless of the wishes of the kids' parents, it is just plain rude.

Evidently not true in one MO school district.

So when a school system is told that allowing students in its charge to be proselytized by the faith it deems most appropriate, it is also breaking the law.

The court finally ruled that Bible distribution is simply not allowed. That means any religious text is not allowed. The only way my faith can be protected is if we maintain the strict separation of church & state --- that means I must treat others the same way I want to be treated. That concept should be written down somewhere. It's important.

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Georgia Mountain Man said...

You'd think these folks would learn after all of the wasted court fees.