Sunday, July 12, 2009

Linux & the Great Computer Crash

I should have known it was coming but like the procrastinator I am, I didn't do anything about it. My laptop was a screamer four years ago: sleek; up-to-date; da bomb. After four years I knew it was on its last sector malfunction but I just didn't want to buy another.

Now, it has died.

Well, sorta.

It died but my oldest son performed a resurrection miracle of sorts. My oldest is a senior at Berry College & is --- literally --- a rocket scientist. I should say, rather, he will be officially in another 7 months. He has been on me to use Linux for a while now but I was too familiar with Windows & really didn't understand all he was saying. Yes, I'm getting older.

So when the dinosaur died & the bad sectors meant no restoration, he put Linux on the machine.

Why didn't my machine die earlier? I love it! I don't think there is any reason to use Windows anymore.

The bad things is that having a computer again means less time spent doing other things & the last few weeks have been, I must say, rather productive.

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