Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wiley Drake Prays for People to Die, Including Obama

What is it with kooky people & the ministry?

Wiley Drake is at it again. Remember this is the guy that prayed imprecatory prayers for Barry Lynn when Americans United asked the IRS to investigate his political wranglings. (Click
here for that link.)

"I don't believe in the separation of church and state," the California preacher blustered, "'and I believe the IRS should stay out of church business."

The guy really has a way with words, doesn't he? Does anyone else see how silly his statement is?

Well, it seems Drake has now gone a step beyond that.

George Tiller was an abortion doctor murdered while in church. Drake, it seems, had been praying for Tiller's death for quite a while & was quite proud that Tiller was murdered.

Now, Drake says he is praying that President Obama will die.

OK. I'm Southern Baptist. I'm not always proud of it but it is what it is. Drake, however, needs to be muzzled. He is an embarrassment to not only the SBC but to our faith, our cause, our purpose & our Hope.

People like Drake --- in fact, all theocrats --- give us a bad name.

I hope his church in CA have the good sense to send this guy into retirement. He has really lost it.


Georgia Mountain Man said...

I can't believe any church or the SBC would have such a terrible individual as a minister. In most other professions he would be sent packing for such an indiscretion.

Burr Deming said...

So Reverend Drake prays for the death of our President. A friend of mine had this to say: "I would like to be a Christian, but I can't think of anyone I want to see assassinated."