Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Liberty University Now Treats Political Clubs Equally

Liberty Learns A Lesson: Falwell School Accepts AU Advice On Political Clubs The Wall of Separation

Looks like Liberty University has decided that political favoritism won't fly.

You remember that Liberty University decided that all Democrats on campus couldn't possibly be faithful to the school's political ideas so the College Dems were barred from being an official school club. That's when the school's tax exemption was challenged for partisanship. (Link)

Now the school has decided that the College Republicans will be treated the same as the College Dems & neither will be given the college's endorsement.

'Bout time.

No political group should be endorsed by a faith, no more than a faith should be endorsing a political group. Faith should be about changing hearts & lives with the Gospel, not the voting booth or political posturing. Treating one political group differently on Liberty's campus is effectively saying God blesses one political view & no others, something I have yet to see in the Bible. Come to think of it, the Bible never mentions anything about public spending, voting bills, social security, health care policy, taxation (except that we are to pay them taxes, even going the extra mile carrying the soldier's burden), or the judicial system, etc.

Liberty is to be commended on treating both the College GOP & the College Dems equally.

Now for the question: why didn't Liberty do the right thing to begin with?

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Georgia Mountain Man said...

Sadly, they probably haven't changed their opinion. They don't have a supporter in the White House now, who would rally the troops for them, so the fight would be expensive and futile.