Wednesday, June 17, 2009

David Barton: Fox Guarding the Hen House

I see where David Barton has been named to the TX State Board of Education. Golly. Has TX had a complete brain cramp? Isn't that like naming Hannibal Lecter to the Social Committee?

David Barton is not only not an historian --- he has no training whatsoever in the field --- he has never seen a fact he hasn't spun or just made up. Barton is the single most irresponsible person in the Extremist Religious Right to just flat out lie about our nation's history.

Unfortunately, nearly all of the Extremist Religious Right notions about our nation's history has come from --- you guessed it --- David Barton.

Barton has a habit of trying to make our Founding Fathers out to be Conservative & Evangelical, & loves to present our Constitution as a uniquely Christian document. The problem, of course, is that no one can point out a single concept in the Constitution that is uniquely Christian or even of faith.

This is the guy that has gone so far as to get Randy Forbes to present resolutions in Congress to get Christianity recognized as the de facto Faith of the Nation. Chris Rodda has a couple of good
articles on HR 888 from 2008 & HR 397 introduced in 2009, both of which show Barton's shoddy research & poor interpretation of history. And, unfortunately, his falsehoods, something that makes Extremist Religious Right folks to be laughed at by educated folks.

Make no mistake about it: David Barton will say anything in an attempt to spin history to bring about a theocracy in America. And he has said just about everything to make people believe it too, including distortions, misrepresentations, & flat out falsehoods.

Putting this guy in charge of anything remotely associated with Social Studies curriculum in TX is about the most bone headed thing I've heard in a long, long time.

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Georgia Mountain Man said...

Scary stuff. These guys could do damage that would take at least a generation to repair.