Friday, April 17, 2009

Yahoo is Da Bomb

Since around 1994 I had been using Excite as my internet portal & my webmail. It was clean, easy to to use & worked well. I had customized my Excite page for the content I liked & was happy with the My Little Internet World.

Then Excite changed their email to worst, most God-awful, horrendous system I have ever encountered. MyWay is an affiliate of Excite & has the same terrible email program. No, I am not exaggerating. I can't begin to describe how terrible it is.

Evidently, I am not alone in cursing Blue Tie, the software group who designed Excite's new email program.

Trust me when I say this: you would be wasting your time with Excite or MyWay as a webmail provider.

So I began my quest to find another webmail service with an internet portal I could customize. Searching. Agonizing. Weighing options. Comparing features. You would have thought I was planning a 90 day odyssey. I discussed all the pros/cons of the myriad of choices with my 100s of friends --- actually only my kids since they are the only ones nerdy like me to actually be concerned over webmail features, & the fact I don't have 100s of friends means I am using hyperbole. Yeah. I'm in need of a life, I think. Any who ...

I found Yahoo. That ol' standby. But it is not some silly relic. It rocks.

The portal is customizable for the content I want, complete with RSS feeds of the blogs & sites that I want to know when there is new content: just make a new tab for
Blogs I Follow & I am good to go.. The email is not complicated. The calendar & notepad functions are super. Clean. Neat. Easy to use. And now that there is the @ymail & @rocketmail, one has a good chance of getting the desired webmail name.

The Yahoo Toolbar makes it easy to keep my calendar, notepad, webmail & bookmarks just a click away.

Yahoo is da bomb.

Excite & MyWay had a good thing going but they shot themselves in the foot. I still use my old Excite address as a throw away address --- seems appropriate for all the trouble Excite caused me when they kept bouncing my emails.

I don't know if Yahoo will be able to continue as a business or not. That is always a question in today's marketplace. What I do know is that I am impressed with Yahoo & feel confident someone will take on the Yahoo brand even if the company doesn't continue, making my future email address secure.

To answer the two questions I get all the time: 1) Why don't you use Google's Gmail? & 2) Why don't you use Hotmail?

Easy answers: 1) Google is taking over the world & I like the underdog; & 2) Hotmail is Microsoft & they need to be told to
stick it every once in a while. I just see Google & Microsoft as two faces of the same Borg.

Yahoo is da bomb. And my world is happy again.

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