Monday, April 27, 2009

Florida Senate approves religious license plates

Florida Senate approves religious license plates - St. Petersburg Times

FLA lawmakers must think they really can snub their nose at the Constitution --- & judges' orders, too. It is not enough that the schools try to force 3rd graders into singing a political song that endorses theocracy (see prior blog post) but now the state is considering 2 different license plates that are overtly religious.

The first design SB 642 mandates is the issuance of a plate depicting the crucified head of Jesus
complete with a crown of thorns. It also mandates a second plate featuring a large cross, a stained-glass church window and the words “I Believe," much like the one South Carolina had mandated but was struck down by the court.

How anyone can see this act by the state of FLA is not endorsing a Most Favored Faith is beyond me. The tag is required by the state & must be paid for as a tax on that vehicle. Specifically, the tag depicts one religious faith & no others. This slippery slope will open the door for a Gov't mandated tax to be displayed as a religious statement. Gov't should not be in the business of facilitating any religious speech. If a private individual wants to place a religious emblem on their car, fine. Great. Wonderful. But it should never be with a required Gov't tag that facilitates religious speech.

Why do people feel the need to get tax money to assist them in advancing their religion? Nowhere in the New Testament does it record Jesus asking for public tax money to help spread the Kingdom message; Paul never said the church should seek to use Caesar's Sword; no other NT author said we should resort to the civil authority to do God's work. None. But Pharisees did resort to Caesar's Sword to carry out it's rules, e.g, crucifixion. Hmmmm.

Here is the full AU press release.

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Georgia Mountain Man said...

If the State of Florida in its depressed economic state feels that it is ready to waste millions on a lawsuit that it will ultimately lose, so be it. What a stupid lot of folks! Only a bunch of Republicans would come up with something like this to waste a lot of money on.