Saturday, April 18, 2009

Academic Integrity

The reality is that high school science class is about science, not religious ideas. It is painfully obvious that the plan is to get extremist folk on the committees so creationism can be taught alongside -- & then replace --- evolution in the science class. Short changing students by manipulating the educational system is wrong on many, many levels.

The Supreme Court ruled on this years ago in Edwards v. Aguillard that no faith's creation doctrine may be taught in schools. The Dover Decision affirmed that "Intelligent Design" was creationism in another package. No tax payer money should be used to teach anyone's religious doctrine. That was even decided before the Bill of Rights with the VA Religious Freedom Bill, that outlawed any taxpayer money to support the teaching of religious indoctrination.

Here is the full Nova presentation of the Dover Decision. Fascinating.

Public school is not the place for religious education. If someone wants a religious education, then let the religious institutions handle that. If government teaches one religious doctrine, they can teach another tomorrow, one we may not like.

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Georgia Mountain Man said...

The continued attempts to water down science can only push this country farther behind in that field. The world's scientists and scientific breakthroughs will certainly never come from this country. We will continue to fall father and farther behind as we slide into a dark age.