Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Baseball Logo Caskets?

I am not sure if this delves into the tacky, the funny, or the plain weird. Somewhere on the scale of "Lemme think about this" is the story I found in the Boston Globe for the serious baseball fan --- I mean the to die for fan.

A Boston Red Sox logo on casket.

For the serious fan only, of course.

My first thought was this is about the tackiest thing I've ever seen. It is just not appropriate.

But I thought about it. Thought some more. For some folks, it would be exactly what the person would want. Maybe there was a serious fan. Ever been in a restaurant after a University of GA football victory? Those people are beyond serious about their love for their college football. Granted, some folks would get this sort of casket out of devotion to their beloved team. Others would get it because it is the Redneck thing to do & they wouldn't give it a second thought.

Then there are those few folks who ... well ... they just have a sense of humor. These are the folks that are always thinking of ways to get folks to laughing or dreaming up some mischief. Not mean. Sometimes annoying. Can even get obnoxious. But everyone knows they just have a love for life & a passion for the human experience of fun.

To be honest, I can think of a lot of folks who would want a casket like this just to make sure the crowd had a good time at the funeral. Wouldn't even put it past 'em to have in their Will that there be an open bar, a DJ, & all sorts of finger foods --- to lighten the mood.

I remember one funeral I did in South Carolina. The lady had worked in a mill her whole life & she told me that when she passed, she wanted the funeral at night. 7PM. She insisted that it wasn't fair to make people choose between taking time off for a funeral & paying respects to the family. She went on to say that she didn't like to make those choices & she wasn't going to put that choice on others.

Actually, it was a packed house. I see the wisdom in her thinking. The next morning was the burial service with just the immediate family. Really a "good" funeral, if that is permissible to say.

I've officiated funerals where there were funny stories related about the deceased. Those, I think, are usually the better funerals as it is a celebration of life, not a grieving of death.

So I am not so sure what to make of the Official Major League Baseball's casket. It's weird. It's tacky. Certainly different.

But really. Who cares? Life is too short to not enjoy it. Maybe death should be a bit of fun too. Your mileage may vary.

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Georgia Mountain Man said...

We buried a good friend and former co-worker a year ago on Christmas Eve in Calhoun. His passion was old tractors, especially John Deere tractors. His lid had a picture of a beautiful old JD. They put a couple of diecast's of his favorites in with him. He would have loved it. Just a little touch of nostalgia and love for a fine man.