Friday, December 12, 2008

Kid's Clothes & Women's Smiles

I saw this today. In fact, I've seen it a gazillion times but it never dawned on me until this afternoon.

Why is it that when 2 or more women are together & they see baby clothes, they just get all giddy & start smiling & laughing &
gooing & gahing. I mean they can't help but smile. They gush smiles all over the place.

Today I worked the Rotary Club Overstock Clothing Sale. It's a neat idea. We take clothing from a charity clothing warehouse & sell it in our area, splitting the proceeds with the clothing charity.

Any who
... the women that came in had themselves a Good Ol' Time at the table with the baby-to-toddler sized stuff. You would have thought they were looking at a new transmission for a '67 Mustang. All those smiles --- & not a camera anywhere around.


Guys see the same outfit. Think of the same kid. Guys don't start a flowing river of smiles. Guys think of the necessity of clothes & the cost to our wallet. Women --- they just smile. And the bigger the smile the more they are willing to pay for the outfit.

I just don't get it.

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Georgia Mountain Man said...

Wow, you have a Rotary Club that actually does something. I was a Rotarian once. All we did was sing, eat, and have great speakers. I won't even try to answer your question. I try not to go there, because it just isn't worth it.