Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Celebrated in Iraq for 1st Time


The AP has reported that Christmas is a legal holiday in Iraq, an act that is a first for the Iraqi gov't. According to the Orlando Christianity Examiner Iraq's Interior Ministry hosted the country's first-ever legal public Christmas celebration in a small Baghdad park. Even though most of those who came to the celebration weren't Christian, Interior Ministry spokesman Major-General Abdul Karim Khalaf said warmly: "All Iraqis are Christian today!"

Iraq has now allowed Christmas celebration. Now we know how the 1st Americans felt being able to celebrate Christmas after the "Christian Theocracy" was disestablished after the passing of the Constitution. Isn't it strange that Christian Theocrats & Muslim Extremists both have hard times allowing people to chose how to worship? Both force one belief & demand everyone worship a certain way while also banning choice & dissent. Amazing.

Religion Clause: Christmas Is Legal Holiday For First Time This Year In Iraq
(Thanks to Howard Friedman for the info. He does a great job on his blog. Well worth reading everyday.)

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Georgia Mountain Man said...

Are you sure about this? The right-wing writers all say that Christians are persecuted in Iraq and in every Muslim country. Of course, I'm stretching it, but I wouldn't be surprised if this story never showed up on most of those sites.

(My goodness, the word verification code is...cialis?? Must be some kind of subliminal liberal, Communist plot to induce me to get a prescription.)