Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sensitive Eyes & Devo Shades

I bet some of you remember the 70s/early 80s band "Devo" (click here for the Wiki link). They are best known for their song Whip It (click here to watch the You Tube video).

Well, that's not all that important except .. well, just keep reading.

About 5 years ago I realized that my eyes hurt. I mean really hurt. And they tired easily with a lot of twitching around the eye & such. But the worst part was the light sensitivity that made it well nigh impossible to enjoy the outdoors. Since I wear prescription glasses & am terrified to have the Lasik surgery done, I have a hard time finding sunglasses that will keep out enough sunlight. Even with a good pair of clip on shades, the light coming in from the top & sides made it very difficult to see outside. Mrs. TBAR finally told me that if I was planning on driving, I needed to do something or she was no longer going to let me have the keys. Ok, Ok. She didn't really say it like that. But she did say a few things over a few years that made me realize I needed to see a doc about it.

So after the eye exam, I get the news: I'm getting older.

Well, duh!

And that means my eyes aren't like they used to be.

Oh, great. What is the kicker line?

So the doc says I need the progressive lenses & I need to get some sunshades that cover my entire pair of glasses ... you know, like those ginormous shades old men wear after cataract surgery.

Great doc. Why not just tell me I need to start taking Metimucial, too?

To make sure I understand what he is talking about, he shows me a pic. What do they remind me of? Devo. The kind of glasses Devo wore. Those goofy, really goofy, humongous, old man-looking glasses that I swore I wouldn't be caught dead looking =at= much less looking =through.=

After a few days of piecing my pride back together, I decided that it was a good thing to be able to drive & as long as I just wore them while driving, it couldn't be that bad. So I bought a pair of BluBlockers that fit over my glasses (the Starshield BluBlocker).

Man, I can see.

It is amazing. I can see. I mean really see. No glare. No pain. It's like ... wow.

Now I get a few laughs out of 'em. My teen daughter begs me to not go out in public with her. By youngest prays every night that God will fix my eyes so I won't look like the Parent Dork on the sideline at the soccer games.

But I can see.

After several months I finally had a realization: who cares. It is my eyesight, not theirs. I am not so vain as to worry about it. It is more important to be able to see well & not have eye pain than to worry about how I may fair in the latest issue of GQ.

I highly recommend these shades. Yes, everything looks amber in color but I love 'em. You can order the regular sunglasses if you don't need 'em to fit over a prescription pair. (Click here for the link to BluBlocker, non paid endosement.) If I ever have the Lasik, I'll get one of those styles.

Here's a pic of 'em. Dorky, yes, but I really don't care what anyone thinks of 'em.

I can see!


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Georgia Mountain Man said...

Maybe I need to check on those for Ms GMM. She, too, wears the old man sunglasses. I have purchased her a pair for her Christmas stocking from some tv ad. They look a bit better than the old man kind, but the vendor really thinks very highly of them.