Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Political Hacks

I'm getting quite perturbed. Both sides have shown they are more concerned about power than principles, politics than purpose, financial gain than future generations.

Quite disgusting.

I remember it was only a few years ago that many were extolling the glorious virtues of George W & his superb handling of the economy. Inflation was nearly zero. Interest rates at historic lows. Unemployment near 4%. Everything was booming. He & the GOP got all the glory. Now, those people are no longer heard from when things go south. If you give him praise in the good times, you've gotta give him the boos in the bad times.

Then there was Clinton & all the "great" economic times during the 90s. Never mind he inherited the office as the recession was ending & there was no place to go but up. Never mind the President has zero control of the economy. It was good good & everything was boom booming. Then, those people were no longer heard from when things went south the year before he left office. If you give him praise in the good times, you've gotta give him the credit for the busts as well.

So many folks were complaining to high heaven about the gas prices in the summer. They were making cuts in driving. Gotta conserve energy. Need smaller cars. Cut out unnecessary expenses. Be resourceful. And now? Back to driving in the old ways. Conservation was a fad. Buy those gas guzzlers again when petrol is only $2. Not doing much to help conserve anymore, are we?

Don't forget Ol' Sonny Perdue, Governor of GA! Yes sir. He decided that 3 cents per gallon tax that was to pay for DOT projects across the state didn't need to be implemented on July 1, 2008. The people of GA just couldn't handle it. Everyone just lauded him as a hero. Never mind some of us said it was short sighted; that gas would go back down to $2 a gallon again; that those DOT projects can't be funded without that money; that this was a bad, bad move. So what do we say about Sonny's move now? There are all those DOT projects that have no funding --- & people are driving =more= now than when gas was at $4 a gallon. Short sighted. Playing politics.

Ever noticed those bills that get passed just in time for an election to pander to as many voters as possible? There is that infamous mandatory-elective Bible class in GA high schools. (Never have figured out what it means to mandate an elective class, but only offer the class if the Board of Education approves it. Goofy all by itself.) All those politicians came back & got to say how they put God back in schools --- but very few schools in GA even made the attempt to offer the class, knowing the legal wranglings it would cause. Even the Paulding County, GA Board of Education refused to even consider the class or even have public discussions on it --- & it is the Speaker of the GA House own district. But it played well with the voters, didn't it?

Let's go back to Gov. Sonny Perdue. GA has been in a two year drought & Sonny decided to hold a prayer meeting on the steps of the GA Capital. A prayer meeting. That's what I said: a prayer meeting. Of course, he announces the prayer meeting the day =after= the weather forecast called for major storms. And it just so happened that Sonny decided to have the prayer meeting the day =before= the storms were due. Imagine how the glory did roll when the prayers were answered. Oh, & let's make sure we mention that only one faith participated in the prayer meeting on the steps of GA's Gold Dome. The majority faith of GA, naturally, got center stage --- & all the political grandstanding too.

Ever noticed those "hot button" issues that the politicians take a stand on --- but never do anything to institute that stance? Hmmm. Who got played?

Really, I'm just getting sick of it. Been sick of it.

I resent my faith being used as a ploy for votes. I resent my non-negotiables being a tool to garner a political base. I resent the politicians using special interest money to get issues passed that only polarize the electorate. Instead of doing the things to consolidate power, how about those politicians just do what we elected them to do --- lead like statesmen?

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Georgia Mountain Man said...

If they spent as much time and energy on constructive legislation instead of vote pandering legislation, I might be able to believe them more than .05% of the time. Old Sonny lost me before he became Gov., but he really ended our relationship the day I chauffered him around a bit. What a jerk!