Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Georgia Baptists Get Rid of Women Pastors

There is only 1 church in GA that is both associated with the Southern Baptist Convention & has a female pastor. The church has been in the SBC since 1862 & has given literally millions to the Cooperative Program.

Now the Georgia Baptist Convention has decided that churches with female pastors are no longer in good standing.

So the
GBC has decided to no longer accept money from the First Baptist Church of Decatur where Julie Pennington-Russell is senior pastor. There were no conversations with her or the church from anyone in the GBC. Just a shut down.

Of course, the
GBC says its new "policy" would allow refusal of money from other "questionable" sources, like alcohol distributors. Guess Jesus would have been kicked out of the GBC with his turning water into wine miracle, but what's the Bible got to do with a good, righteous cause, eh? Female pastors & that Devil's Brew are all lumped in the same Basket of Evil. Gimme a break.

It is obvious the
GBC adopted this policy to attack one church & one pastor. Shame on the GBC.

Here's the Atlanta Journal Constitution news article.


Georgia Mountain Man said...

Surely you know that Jesus did not turn water into wine. It was simply grape juice. I have already had that explained to me by a fundamentalist lady. Grape juice lasts much longer than wine...especially in a hot climate...everyone knows that.

That Baptist Ain't Right said...

Ralph: I've heard that one too. I just shake my head & move on as there is no way to have a conversation with folks who are intellectually dishonest.