Friday, January 11, 2008

House Resolution 888

This is scary. Very scary. To think that we have people in Congress who believe a Revisionist History is terrifying. These are people that are supposed to be educated, but when they actually don't even bother to verify the historical accuracy of quotes in the Resolutions they put their name on, then we have a problem.

HR 888 originated with Congressman Randy Forbes (R-VA) & more than 30 others have signed on. I'd be ashamed if my Congressman signed their name to a Resolution that presents a Fake History. In fact, I am ashamed since my Congressman, Phil Gingrey, did put his name on it.

The Resolution is a soft-call for Christian Theocracy in the US. It tries to say that the US was founded as a "Christian Nation" & is filled with fabrications, misrepresentations & out-&-out lies.

There are so many that it is impossible to list them all, but others have done such a great job of refuting the Pseudo History. Check out these links.

Talk to Action, Bruce Wilson

Talk to Action, Chris Rodda


Repeat the lie long enough, loudly enough & with enough force, & people will believe it. Start 'em young: homeschoolers. Get it in the schools with stuff like Gateways to Education to teach that one, narrow version of Christianity, including stuff like Halloween leads to occult practices, etc.

When religion & state meld, both become unbearable.

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