Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Small Town Dallas, GA

When I was a kid, the highlight of the season was the Downtown Dallas Parade, second only the Christmas Day, of course. Back then there would be a few hundred people marching down the street with the band leading the way. A few horses. A couple of pickup trucks with ribbons that we would call a "float." That was about it.

The 2007 Paulding Christmas Parade was held December 1, and that is the reason I've not posted in a few days: I'm still in recuperation mode. It is much bigger now than when I was a kid. Now there are thousands of people in the parade and another 15,000 or so spectators.

Still, it reminds me of what Mayberry's Parade would have looked like.

This will be my last year at organizing the parade. Just tired. It is not as much fun as it used to be and I can't afford to let clients suffer for an entire month (November) when all I work on is parade stuff. Yes, also a wee-bit tired of getting cussed at, fussed at, and called everything but a Christian. Never would I have dreamed people would get so worked up over an assigned parade position. Then again, I am Baptist so it really shouldn't surprise me at what people do get upset about.

At least we gave a record amount to Paulding Christmas for the needy kids and families this year: $5000. Going out with a bang.

Here's the link to see the 90 minute parade in only 30 minutes.

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