Wednesday, December 12, 2007

City of Dallas, GA, to Spend A Lot of Taxpayer Money

Well, it looks like the city of Dallas, GA, is run by either some really shrewd politicians, or the most incompetent boobs known civilization. According to the news report (click here for the video), Dallas officials have decided to not take action on an American United for Separation of Church and State request to, hopefully, transfer from city to private ownership or remove a city-purchased nativity display that is, amazingly, set up to show off the landscaping around the Mayor's church. The mayor, Boyd Austin, smiled when he said the city council would take up the issue at the January council meeting. That means he either: 1) is completely incompetent and doesn't understand the legal costs to the taxpayer, nor the Constitution of the US; or 2) he is willingly allowing the tax payer to pay the legal costs of something he knows he won't win but will be able tell the voters how he stood up to the godless anti-Christs. Votes he'll get. IQ points are another matter. I am willing to bet the judge will be ruling against the city of Dallas rather quickly in this matter and the January council meeting will be deciding how to pay the legal bills. It just looks bad when tax payer money is spent to make the Mayor's church look good.

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