Tuesday, November 10, 2009

South Carolina License Plates Must Follow the Constitution

This was a no-brainer but the Godslingers of South Carolina wasted tax payer money to fight it anyway. (See newsobserver.com article.)

The judge ruled that the state may not give Christianity the Most Favored Status. Pretty simple & straight forward, but not when there is a Righteous Cause --- not to mention the overwhelming religious majority's votes hanging in the balance.

Now there will be an end run of the ruling by placing the name I Believe on an organization, complete with the logo of the rejected tag, & having a tag issued to commemorate the private group. While that is legal, it is very rude as it is a loud & clear message to the religious minorities that the Christian majority really only winks at religious liberty --- Christians really think that non-Christians are second class.

And one day, that religious minority of today, will use that same tactic to have its image & proclamation on auto tags. And one day, there will be another religion that is the majority. And one day, that tactic will be decried as unfair & un-Constitutional by the very Christians who are using that same tactic today.

Treat others the way you would want to be treated.

Maybe the Golden Rule is only something these Godslingers talk about on Sunday & they never really intend on living that precept. Amazing.


Georgia Mountain Man said...

Watch out who your step on, on your way up. They may get you on your way down.

Doug B said...

What we are dealing with are Christina Supremacists rather than true believers in religious liberty.

Religious militants are always a threat to the freedom of others.

Diane J Standiford said...

Yor scenario is sure to play out. "Treat others..." Maybe that one is TOO simple and perfect.