Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Liberty Counsel "Naughty and Nice" List

The Christmas Police have officially determined where all you indecisive shoppers can purchase "proper and approved" gifts. Liberty Counsel’s annual Naughty and Nice List has been posted (click here for the pdf.) Oh, Goodie. I couldn't wait.

On it we learn that it’s OK to shop at Amazon because its web site offers a “Christmas Decorations” & "Christmas Trees." But better stay away from American Eagle because "Christmas" is not mentioned on its website! Liberty Counsel tells us that Old Time Pottery mentions the word "Christmas" four times on its web page, making it a Wise Man Favorite. However, Old Navy gets the Herod Antipas Award because "Christmas" is not even mentioned on its website at all. None. Bad, bad Old Navy. Only coal in that Old Navy Stocking!

Read the list and marvel that some people obviously have too much time on their hands. Then, do what mostly everybody else who celebrates the Winter Holidays plans to do this year: Shop at the stores with the best prices.

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