Monday, January 5, 2009

Kentucky Legislator Wants God in Charge of Security

You may remember a few months ago the story came out about the little-known Kentucky law that required the Kentucky Department of Homeland Security to acknowledge God as the state's Protector in all educational & training materials, & that a plaque saying God is at the helm had to be posted at state's Emergency Operations Center. (News article in Lexington-Herald.)

Of course, Kentucky is getting sued over that since it is said to be a violation of the Establishment Clause, e.g., the state of Kentucky is endorsing one faith over others. (Associated Baptist Press article on the lawsuit.)

Over the weekend, the KY legislator & Baptist pastor responsible for getting that into the Kentucky law books was the subject of a NY Times article (click here). His name is Tom Riner, a Democrat, & he has cost Kentucky plenty of money in the past & even more currently over this sort of issue.

“The church-state divide is not a line I see,” Mr. Riner, a Baptist minister, said of the lawsuit. “What I do see is an attempt to separate America from its history of perceiving itself as a nation under God.”
A mild-mannered man, Mr. Riner, 62, speaks in a near-whisper, clearing his throat with each sentence as though he would prefer to remain quiet. He declined a request to be filmed by a video crew because it would not be in keeping with scriptural teachings about humility, he said apologetically.

And yet, Mr. Riner’s intense and silent stares convey a focused will. His friends and adversaries recall the time in the 1970s when the musical “Hair” first came to this city, and Mr. Riner, upset by its nudity, quietly interrupted the show by climbing on stage, a Bible in hand.

“Tom is as pious as he is persistent,” said State Senator Kathy W. Stein, a Democrat from Lexington. “He’s also prone to legislative stunts that are embarrassing and expensive for this state.”

Since 2002, state and local officials have spent more than $160,000 in legal fees, having lost case after case to the American Civil Liberties Union for posting the Ten Commandments in public buildings, and they still owe $400,000 for a 2005 case in which the Supreme Court ruled that such displays should be removed.


Georgia Mountain Man said...

Mr. Riner is just like all of the others of his ilk. Their minds would change very quickly, if their brand of religion wasn't the chosen one in a theocracy, when the hangings, beheadings, and stoneings were begun.

Dirk said...

There are a number of states that acknowledge God in their state constitutions for diving guidance and/or protection. This is just another example of the growing intolerance for Christianity in this country, despite Presidents such as Abraham Lincoln & even the founding fathers acknowledging God for divine guidance & the importance of America not departing from the faith as we have.

Just where was the ACLU when some state taxpayer-funded colleges & universities started building facilities for Islamics? Where were they when some public schools set aside areas for Muslim students to pray?

Can you imagine the firestorm that would be created if a public school set aside a prayer area for Christians?? The ACLU along with CNN would be on it instantly. We would never hear the end of it.


That Baptist Ain't Right said...

Dirk: The faith of the Founding Fathers is irrelevant. The US is a secular gov't but a theocracy. The "acknowledgement of God" is not really fair since Federer basically lied about those, picking & choosing how he packaged them. Besides, a Preamble is not a law paragraph. As for the Muslim facilities, there is more to the story that you're leaving out: those were =accommodations= & not facilitations. It was a sanitary issue for everyone. The gov't is obligated to accommodate one's faith but never facilitate it. Big difference.

Georgia Mountain Man said...

"This is just another example of the growing intolerance for Christianity in this country..." Where, Dirk? As I have said so many times before, there is a Christian church on every corner and more being created in homes and storefronts across the country. No one is stopping them. No one is protesting them. No one is proposing that they be killed. I haven't heard of a single one being thrown off an airplane. Where is this "growing intolerance?"