Monday, January 12, 2009

Flying Squirrel in the House

Someone on told the tale about having a flying squirrel in their house. That's quite an event & I'm sure that story will go for a generation at least. Somehow the squirrel got in their walls. She asked me what I thought about it &, being in the mood I'm in, I think I nailed it. Honest. I do believe I've nailed this one. Whadda ya think?

OK. My first thought was maybe a poltergeist. Really. After the election I felt for sure some GOP hack had had a stoke & found his way into your walls to haunt you for whatever reason. As if the GOP hack needs a reason to haunt us; that's just the way they are & it is hard to get rid of 'em. Basically, you can't trust a GOP poltergeist.

Then I see it is a flying squirrel. OK. That means it is a DEM hack in disguise. Basically, the thing is named as a lie & we all know how the DEMs like to lie --- worse than the GOP does. Much worse. Squirrels don't fly & DEMs are not democratic at all. And the "squirrel" thing. Bull. They are nothing more than rats with a bushy tail. So it is a DEM hack in disguise.

Finally, I realize the critter is fee loading off you so it must be DEM supporter.

But then I see it was smart enough not to get electrocuted . That rules out any additional GOP qualities.

So the littler feller must have a bit of Libertarian in him to be able to manage to stay alive amongst all the danger & despair.

That's my take on it.

If you wanna read the whole thead, you can go to at this link & read the whole thing.

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Georgia Mountain Man said...

I definitely think you nailed it.