Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Changes of Today

Had 3 new things today in the TBAR household. Kinda a milestone. And I am proud, giggly & not ready all at the same time.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am severely hampered in the mechanical operations department. Tools in my hands don't fix things; they hurt me. Machines don't make sense to me. I look at 'em & know how to turn 'em on & what they do, but =how= they work is a mystery. Now I can explain some of the math behind it, but just enough to let someone know that I have no idea what I'm doing. I can't fix, make, repair, operate, guide, assemble, or even decipher things. If it says Some assembly required, I am not even opening the box. I just wait until a neighbor or friend comes over to help 'cause those directions might as well be in Cantonese.

But today, I did something. It ain't much, but I did it.

I fixed a leaky toilet. The wax seal needed to be replaced & I did it. Hot dang! (Sorry Skyline Plumbing & Septic, but I decided to try it & I did it!) No trips to the ER. Didn't have to call the Fire Department. And the house is still standing.

Thus, the proud ...

Second, I got a GPS for Christmas & I programmed it this morning. Going to soccer games all over the Southeast & trying to read Yahoo maps made me realize that I was going to crash one day. So the GPS is now my navigator. However, I didn't like the American accent. I changed it to the British accent. She sounds much better now for some reason.

And with the accent change, comes a name change. "Gabby" didn't sound right for a Brit. So I told Mrs TBAR I was going to rename the GPS. That crisp accent; telling me what to do at every turn; ordering me in every fashion ... Feeling a bit giggly I told Mrs TBAR my GPS is now named "Mistress."

Thus, the giggly ... Mrs TBAR does not see the humor in it at all. Thus, it may be a temporary giggly ....

And finally there is the not ready. Yes, I have a daughter. She is 16. And she has her first official boyfriend. He is a good kid. Soccer player (of course.) I like him. But she is still my Little Princess & I'll be danged if I'm going to let her forget that nobody will ever care for her like her daddy does. Nobody. Just not ready for Peaches to be the fine young lady she has grown to be. And my oldest, now 20. Not ready for him to be graduating from college soon. Maybe he'll take that year & study in Scotland like he has been offered ... Just not ready for all these changes.

Maybe I need to take a Road Trip to Birmingham for the New Baptist Covenant Meeting in a few weeks to get my mind off these weighty matters ... it is much easier discussing the Malthusian Theory as it relates to missions; or the importance of John Leland on the 1st Amendment principle of the separation of church & state.

Yep. Mrs TBAR will tell me where to go & Mistress will tell me how to get there. I can't wait.


Georgia Mountain Man said...

I am proud of you. Now let's hope that "Mistress" doesn't lead you astray as they sometimes do. My last toilet installation didn't go well. I managed to knock a tool down the drain and ended up with a plumber...and I claim to be able to fix things pretty well.

Georgia Mountain Man said...

...one more thing. I hope that you cope with the daughter thing well. I didn't have one, and I am kind of glad. I'm not sure I could handle losing her to another guy. The son has been hard enough to begin to give up. He will graduate from GA Tech next fall, then who knows where he will land. It could be the west coast or somewhere else too far away.

Danny said...

We're doing the MO NBC gathering in April and I'm hoping to get there, depending on whether the plumbing holds up. Well done.

I have two girls 11 and 6 and you got me thinking about the boy issue. Not ready for it, bue know its coming.