Sunday, September 7, 2008

Really Thirsty

This weekend I have traveled better than 300 miles to watch 4 soccer games with 2 of my kids. I have spent a total of nearly 10 hours in the hot, GA sun. Yes, it's been fun. Lost 2. Won 2. Had a blast.

And, for some reason, this Sunday morning took a lot of me --- more so than usual. This particular church is one I've filled in for them before, but it just drained me.

Right now I've been home for about 2 hours, already had a shower, & downed about 5 bottles of ice cold water. And I'm still thirsty.

I had a passing thought about how the woman at the well must have felt when she asked Jesus to give her some of that water he was talking about that she could drink & never be thirsty again.

I also thought about this video while at one of the games today. No, this is not me nor any of my kids, though my youngest has the second best goal I've ever seen in my life ... that's another story.

Any who ...

This is the goal that tops 'em all, indoor anyway.

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Georgia Mountain Man said...

I can identify. I "played" 27 holes of golf on Saturday. I couldn't get enough water afterward, although it seemed that I drank gallons on the course, filling my water bottle at every cooler. The three of us were like whipped puppies on the drive home.